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Thank you for checking up this page. 

  • My name is Cristina. 
A woman with blonde hair and red blouse
Hello! Nice to meet you! 

  • I was born during a very oppressive communist regime some... a few decades ago. 

  • I am the seventh daughter and the tenth (or eleventh - it depends) - penultimate - child of an old-fashioned Romanian family. 

  • When I was eight I read Les Miserable by Victor Hugo and knew right away what I wanted to be when I grew up: a writer. It was a dream really. Impossible for me back then. There. 

  • From 2000 to 2010 I lived in Italy - various cities across the gorgeous and sunny Italy. 

  • From June of 2014 to January of 2019 I lived in Exeter/Devon. 

I came to England with no expectation at all, yet, here my dream - the dream I thought I had no right to dream - came true. 


  • Between 2016 and 2019 I've written and published 37 books - in English and Romanian - that you can find everywhere (online) in both formats: electronic and paperback. 
What genre? 
Good question. 
Many. I am an eclectic writer. 

  • In January of 2019, I decided to go home to take care of my octogenarian mother. Because my parents' house - built from mud bricks a long time ago - was falling apart, in two months I built a house for her, with running water and a shower room. 
Why do I highlight these two things that are a given to all of you? 
Because nothing was a given for us. 

If you're interested in this story, which is nothing less than extraordinary, you can read it here (click)

  • In December 2019 I decided to become a professional live-in carer for the elderly in England or UK. 

Applied for a role with a caring company right away and I was lucky enough to be offered a virtual interview. 
Loved the company's principles and they liked me, so here I am. 
Moved back here on the 30th. 
Started my training a couple of hours after getting off my flight, while people were getting ready for the New Year celebrations. 

  • On the 1st (or was it the 2nd?!) of January 2020, I met my first 'client'. 

I've been a carer since and I love it. 

My days are never the same, but even if they were, it wouldn't bother me. I am never bored. 

I am based in Oxfordshire now - December 2020. 

That's about me, for now. 

More to come, if you're interested. 
I love writing about myself. Funny enough, I am quite a shy person. 
But no one would say that about me. 

I like writing about myself because I am my favourite subject of study. A guinea pig. 

Here is what I like and my CV

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