Healthy dinner ideas: gluten-free, vegan

 Just a few pictures of healthy dinner ideas for the elderly and ill. 

Potatoes and peppers-gluten-free and vegan dish

Hot, cold, gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian, all the meals I prepare are healthy and very appreciated by the people I care for. 

Gluten-free meal

Potatoes are my favourite 'vegetables' to cook. Extremely versatile, easy to cook and unbelievable tasty. 

Grated potatoes-gluten-free and vegan dish

I coarsely grate one medium-size potato (white or red) and fry it in a pan. 5-10 minutes to cook. 
The recipe in a different post. 

Grated potatoes-gluten-free and vegan dish

The taste of this meal is to die for and the ways to serve it are infinite. 
Cheese on top, fresh or steamed vegetables on a side. 

Grated potatoes-gluten-free and vegan dish

Believe me, every person - young, old, ill and healthy - would love this meal. Even if they don't like potatoes much. 

It wasn't easy to introduce to some people I cared for, but the success was amazing. 

Grated potatoes-gluten-free and vegan dish

However, I cook other meals too. Many others. 
Fish, for example. Monkfish is perfect for the elderly. 

baked monkfish with steamed broccoli

Omelettes. Tortillas or Italian style or my style: different fillings. 


Lasagna. Many would think is a very difficult meal to cook, it is not. It takes some time and a bit of patience. 

homemade lasagna

More pictures in the future. 

More super-fast, super delicious and super cheap meals, salty or sweet, - breakfast, lunch and dinner - in here (click), or search on this blog and my other recipe blog:

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