Porridge - The most versatile and nutritious breakfast

 Oh, porridge! 

Who hasn't heard of porridge?! 

The most versatile, healthy, nutritious, delicious, quickest, simplest - the adjectives could continue to the infinite - breakfast that exists on this Earth! 

But I am saying?! 

The most of the most of this Galaxy! No, Universe! Yes. Tha's more like it. 

Even God loves porridge. I know it for a fact. 


I dreamed about it. Yes. It's a fact. 🤣🤣🤣


Porridge is comfort food for me. 


In 2 minutes one can have the most amazing breakfasts ever. 


I am Romanian, I have never heard about porridge until I came to study English in Exeter. I was so stressed out and so frustrated every morning that I couldn't eat anything at all. I used to feel so sick and avoided breakfast at all costs. 

Until one morning, when I watched my host - my friend now - eating something that looked like pig food. 

Yeah. That what I thought. You see, I fed pigs in my childhood, for I was born a farmer, and I fed them daily what my friend was eating that morning. 



Did you know that porridge could also be salty? 
I bet you did know that, especially if you grew up with this fabulous breakfast. 
For those who don't know, simply add cheese, salumi, sausages, bacon (cooked and portioned) etc. to it after or before you cook it. 


Porridge is one of the best meal you can serve to an elderly or ill. It doesn't need chewing and it's extremely healthy, tasty and nutritious. 

Simply add fresh fruits, honey, chocolate chips, dried fruits etc. to it to make it taste and look different every time. 
Prepare this to put a smile on the face of an elderly, ill, child and yours, of course. 
It can be served at any point in the day: breakfast, launch, dinner. 

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