Happy New Year to all Carers and those they care about!

What a year 2020 was! 

Thank God it's gone! 

Happy 2021 to all the carers in the world and to those they care about and caring for! 

child with hat feeding a bird in the cold

Everybody says that the NHS (the UK) had is worse, I mean, they were busy trying to save those affected by Covid. 

But we, the carers, paid or not, didn't have it easier either.

Live-in carers have been isolated with their clients. 

The domiciliary workers, the support workers, the caretakers and caregivers, the health assistants and all the titles this job wears, were at risk every single time they went out to care for the most vulnerable, for the lonely and ill. 

We are key workers, yet... 

Has anyone - the society, the government, etc. - made you feel that your job matters more than others this past year? 

Or the years before? 

Some of you are paid the minimum wage. And you drive to work, you are stuck in traffic for minutes or hours and nobody pays you for that time. 

Some of you work nights or on-call. 

Your phone could ring any time in the day or night, holydays - bank holidays Sundays are regular days for you - and you have to leave everything, your dearest ones maybe, and run to those who need help. 

And how much are being paid for that huge sacrifice and commitment? 

Does it worth it? 

It does, if you love this job. If you have a caring nature and thrive from helping others. 

But if you have a family to care for, to provide for, being paid the minimum wage it's a disaster. 

Your children grow without children, your partner is often alone... You need to make it up to them. 


My heart goes out to you. To all of you, carers. 

There isn't justice in this world, but, appreciation or not, we have to keep caring for those who need us. 

It's our job. It's our nature to care. 
I am one of the lucky carers out there. 
I mean, I am a live-in carer. I don't have to drive to work every day or twice a day. I am never stuck in traffic. 
I don't have children or a partner. Nobody awaits for me at home. 
I love being isolated. 
I don't mind if all days goes about the same way. 
I am not easily bored. 
But most of all, I love this job. I truly deeply do. 

It would be a lie if I said that I love it every day, no. 
It would be a lie if I said it's an easy job. Because it isn't. 
It's easier if you love it and are like me. 

If caring is a job of necessity for you, then you are in a lot of pain and I am truly sorry. 
But I understand why you are doing it. You have a family to provide for. You have a mortgage. 
You need to pay the bills. 

Let's all be better this year. 

Let's do better. Let's love more. Let's laugh more. Let's be merry every day. For us, for our families, for those we are paid or not to care about. 

Happy New Year to all of you, carers, vulnerable, ill, lonely and forgotten out there. 

Be sure that you - each of you - are precious and thought of every day. 

You don't know me, I don't know you personally, but I feel you, wherever you are. I pray for you. 
I pray for you to be strong, kind, cheerful, patient and healthy every minute of your life. 


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