Likes of a live-in carer: FAQ

 Are you bored yet to keep reading about me, the live-in carer who cares, about whom you couldn't care less? 

Well, if you are, but can't stop being curious, then you're a masochist. 

Can't help you there. 

These being said, dear reader, whoever you are, I thank you for being curious about me. 
A writer - or a blogger, in this case, writes for the public. Or, at least, I write for the readers and not for glory. 

Hmm... Now that I think about it, I write for both. 

Do I really?! 


Glory doesn't pay the bills. 
I write for a living. And writing for a living has to be for the readers. Yes. Because they spend the money. 
Makes sense, right? 

Anyway, let's move on. You're not even interested in me as a carer, why should you care about my writing career? 

What do I like as a person? 

Let's start with: 
  • I adore snow! Snow and coffee! Yes! 
Heart shaped mug of hot coffee in the snow
Photo from Pixabay

You were expecting 'I love caring', right? 
Or, even better, 'I love writing or reading'. 

Woman in high heels reading 3 books

Well, these are a given. You are reading what I am writing and this blog is about caring. 

Too polemical. 

What about my shoes? 
Don't like heels? 
I love them. Very high heels. Stiletto. 

Too on the...hmmm... hmmm... hmmm... 
No, I do not wear them on the job. Not this one, at least. 

Let's get back to snow. It's wiser. 

'Who doesn't like snow?!' 
I know! 

Woman dress in white and red playing in snow

What's not to like about snow? 
Blocked roads, closed schools and shops,  the cold and such? 
Details, my dear reader, details. 
Snow is the most beautiful thing I have even seen and played with. The only thing I played with. Yes. But that's in my memoirs. 

  • I adore fireplaces, open fires and log burners. In cold-freezing weather, not in the summertime! 
Just to be clear: I am not an arsonist! 

  • I adore rain and windy days. 
Cartoon image-Pretty woman with umbrella
Photo from Pixabay

  • I love bright colours. Just like my mother. Green is my favourite, but red - 14 shades of red or 14 nuante de rosu - and pink come very close. 
14 nuante de rosu-book cover

Since I turned 30+10+, however, I started liking and wearing a colour I have never, ever, considered before: grey. 
Fifty shades or grey. Never read it nor watched the movies. Should I? 
Unbelievable how people change. 

  • I love cooking. 
Invented hundreds - if not thousands - of recipes. Published them on my 4 (or 5... 6?!) recipes blog and 13 (?) cooking books. 

Recipe book cover

What cuisine do I love most? 
Well, that's a tough question. It's a mix between Italian (mediterranean), Romanian and the one I invented. 
I follow my rules. Pardon, my taste. 
My taste rules me. 

Am I vegan or vegetarian? 

However, I rarely eat meat and diary. 
It's more of a personal taste - De gustibus non est disputandum - the title of my first recipe blog, than diet.  

Am I gluten-free meals lover? 

Yes. But once again, it's not a diet or an intolerance (lucky me), rather a matter of taste. I love rice, potatoes, corn (almost all vegetables) and so on. 

So let me rephrase 'I love cooking' = 'I love cooking vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free meals'. But, I have nothing against meat or diary. I can and cook anything. 
Well, almost anything. 
I love frogs, never cooked them though. 
I also never ate (or cooked) worms, insects.... Yet. 

  • I adore snowdrops, peonies, lily of the valley, lilac. 
Lily of the valley
For you!

More to come. 
It's 3am. I need to sleep. I have work tomorrow. I have work every day. I am lucky, I am a live-in carer. Every country needs carers. There is always a very short supply of carers. 
Want to join? 

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