The carer who cares

The carer who cares. 
So many things could be said about this phrase. So many...  

It's funny, you know, that I haven't written anything in a long time. 

You don't know why I am saying that. Makes no sense to you. 
Why would that be funny?! 
Long story short: writing is my biggest passion. 
Actually, reading is... my biggest passion. Writing is a dream. A fulfilled dream. Not fully though. Not yet. 

As I revealed here, my name is Cristina and I am a professional carer. A live-in carer for the elderly. 
A carer who cares. 

What's a carer? 
A person who provides care to people who need help taking care of themselves. 
Caregiver, caretaker, care worker etc. 

But are the carers really caring or caring is just a job? 
I can only speak for myself, however, you've already guessed: I care. I truly, deeply care. 
I care for every living being and I wish I could help all those who need caring. 
For me, caring is a calling. A vocation. 
I was born a carer. 

Young hand on top of a old one
Photo credit: Pixabay

How long have I been a carer for? 
Since I can remember, really. 
I cared for my siblings, nephews and nieces, parents, friends, pets, random superior and inferior animals. 
I guess I was born a carer. A caregiver. 
Professionally though, I have been doing it since December 2019.  

More about why I chose to be a carer here

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