Vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free meals

I don't know you, but I... well, I am not a vegan or vegetarian, but I do not eat much meat, fish, eggs or cheese. 

It is neither a constricted choice nor a deliberate decision, it is simply that I prefer eating vegetables. Potatoes, spring onions and lettuce are my old-time favourites. 

Since I can remember, I loved potatoes. I cook them in every shape and form, salty and sweet. I invented all sorts of recipes from and with potatoes. My absolute favourite must be the recipe I called: ‘Cristina’s potatoes’.

What an imagination, right? More of a presumption. Never mind.

None of those who were lucky enough to eat ‘Cristina’spotatoes’ realised what it was made of.  

Best potatoes meal in the world

Sorry about the quality of these pictures. I need a new, or better saying, proper cameraphone. 

Nobody, absolutely nobody ever guessed it were just potatoes, with salt and oil (usually olive oil, but any oil does the trick). Sometimes, garlic – depending on personal taste – and a lot of pepperoncini when cooked for me only.

I don’t think I invented this dish, really, but I’ve never seen or heard of it, or, at least, not in the way I cook and serve it.

I will publish all the recipes mentioned on this blog as soon as possible. Some are already published on my other blogs. 

The reason for this is that almost all my meals are incredibly easy, intuitive to cook. Most importantly, all of them require a short time and minimum effort or patience.


Gluten-free roasted potatoes, carrots with rosemary

These being said, I do, sometimes, eat poached or boiled eggs.

A shameful admission must be made: I could never say ‘No’ to barbecued or grilled meat, smoked pork or chicken. 

Grilled meat, chicken and fish

The best non-vegan meal I ever had in my entire life it’s a sort of Romanian meatball. I promise you, there is nothing more delicious in the entire world.

And, believe it or not, I only tried one at the age of 38, as I used to think it’s disgusting because meat never appealed to me. 38 years of my life lost in vain.

What a tragedy! 

I am joking, of course. 

Or am I?!



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